We have comprehensively simplified our email alerts as clients had requested.

You have two main choices for email alerts:

  • Receive a single daily email with everything we published that day that you have permission to read
  • Receive a personalised daily or weekly email with everything which matches your preferences, using the "follows" system.

Additional options

  • If you are following any regions or sectors, you can choose to receive these as separate daily emails, one per region and/or sector.
  • Unsubscribe from other emails we send about once a month, for example about forthcoming conference calls you may be interested in (a part of the service).

Alert format

In all our mails, you will now receive a short summary of the content with the option to click through to read the full content. This makes it very straightforward for you to scan our analysis daily or weekly. You will also soon have the option to select plain text or formatted (HTML).


We will never pass your email address onto a third party - see our privacy policy for more details.

How to change your alerts