Reporting a problem

If you need help, please contact client success.

If you have spotted a website bug, or want to submit ideas for improvement, please submit feedback.

Open bugs

Browser support

We aim to support all modern browsers. We test against:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer - v9 onwards
  • Mozilla Firefox - v25 onwards
  • Google Chrome - most recent version (automatically updates)
  • Apple Safari - two versions back
  • Mobile browsers - a range of Apple, Android and Microsoft-based devices plus recent Blackberry devices.

Notes on specific browsers:

Internet 8 support

The site by design did not target Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). Therefore IE8 does not render the site perfectly.

Only a very small minority of our clients use Internet Explorer 8 (now more than 6 years old), most of whom have an alternate browser available.

While it doesn't look perfect, our users report that the site is generally usable within IE8. Please report a bug if you find a part of the site that is unusable.

Status: we don't expect to rectify this but we will fix bugs which make any parts of the site unusable.

Exception: we will not be able to support dynamic graphs within Internet Explorer 8. Static graphs such as those presented in Daily Brief articles will work fine.

Blackberry support

We support Blackberry devices running v10 or later.

Older Blackberries should work but in common with other older devices will not benefit from responsive features, and the formatting may be less than ideal. The oldest Blackberries may have trouble rendering the site. Dynamic charting will not function correctly.